ABATA ENGLISH SPEAKING MOSLEM KINDERGARTEN                                                         Dilihat : 2629

  •   Alamat

    Jl. Kayu Putih Raya No.30, Rawamangun, Pulo Gadung, Jakarta Timur


    021-41871415 / 021-4898133
    fax 021-4898133




    Vision :

    Our vision is to educate english speaking learning to become creative, intellegent and independent individuals with islamic morality. We believe that children need to be enriched as early as possible with spiritual education, embracing islamic principles and belief to strengthen them and provide a solid foundation in their character building to face the challenge of our modern society.

    Mission :

    1. To provide a loving english speaking learning environment for children age 1 (walker) to 6 yaers old in islamic atmospher.
    2. To incorporate islamic values in children’s day-to day activity
    3. To develope children emotionally socially, physically, spiritually adn cognitively.


    Fasilitas :

    1. Computer di setiap kelas
    2. Swimming pool
    3. Outdoor dan Indoor Playground
    4. AC di setiap kelas


    Prestasi :

    • Juara II lomba Nari “Ayahbunda School fair” Grand Indonesia maret 2009
    • Juara III Omni Lomba Menari Oktober 2010


    Ta Class (4-5 Years Old)

    Preparing the Children to be able to read 3 letter words, solve simple additin and subtraction and teaching them to practice basic moslem rituals.

    Abata Class (5 – 6 Years old)

    Preparing the Children to be able to read 4 letter words and more complicated words, solve more complex math problem and teaching children to practice basic moslem rituals.


    Activites :

    Ussing developmentally appropriate approach, we provide different activities to ensure that children not only can laern but also have time at the same time.


    Syarat Pendaftaran :

    1. Foto copy KTP orang tua
    2. Foto copy akte lahir
    3. Foto copy buku sehat / immunisasi
    4. Pas foto (2x3 = 2 lembar, 3x4 = 2 lembar, dan 4x6 = 2 lembar)


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